Jen Bennett and Suze Edwards, founders of Scallywags.

Scallywags is a pet treat company founded by Jen Bennett, Warren, and Suze Edwards, Warren. Those who have seen the treats around The Valley may have noticed that these are not typical dog treats. For this dog issue, The Valley Reporter did a quick Q&A with Jen Bennett.

Q. What is Scallywags?

A. Scallywags is a pet treat company that produces natural, single-ingredient treats.

Q. What are the treats made of?

A. We use wild caught cod skins sourced from Alaskan fishermen.

Q. What makes them good for dogs?

A. They reduce tartar and plaque buildup and are a natural source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids aiding a healthy skin and coat. They make this awesome crunching noise that dogs especially seem to find irresistible.



Q. Where did the idea come from?

A. As two dog-loving people we started off with a few concept treats that we started cooking up in the kitchen. We knew we wanted to incorporate the fish skin into a treat. It seemed an obvious choice with all the unadulterated health benefits and, of course, Suze’s connection to a fisherman. While it’s not an original idea, our idea was to leverage our connections and bring a single-sourced treat that we knew dogs love to the Mad River Valley and beyond.

Jackson a patient pup
Jackson waits for the OK to take his treat.


Q. What do you do when you’re not making dog treats?

A. Suze is a dog-loving entrepreneur and health coach with a skiing problem. Ditto for me, minus the health coaching!

Q. Where can people buy these treats?

A. They are available locally at Three Mountain Cafe, Bisbee’s, Dirty Paw’s Pet Spa, East Warren Community Market, Paradise Provisions, Sugar Fish VT, The Warren Store and Village Grocery. In Middlesex at Roots Farm Market, in Montpelier at Guy’s Farm and Yard and Agway, and in Northfield at the Mobil station. Also available online at