We want to hear from you

Reach out with your story to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 496-3607

The Valley Reporter wants to hear from you about how COVID-19 is impacting you, your families, your jobs and businesses. Over the next few days and weeks, we’ll be reaching out one-on-one to community members and we encourage you to reach out to us via email and phone as well.

“We’re cognizant of the fact that we’re creating the record of how this pandemic is hitting our community, and we fully understand its historic relevance for The Valley, Vermont, the country and the world. So, please help us gather your stories and share them with us,” said Valley Reporter editor Lisa Loomis.

“During a brief email exchange with a friend this week, I expressed how sad I was to be so disconnected from my community and she – a massage therapist who obviously can’t work right now -- told me that she missed touch. That’s what made me think about staying connected with our community via your stories,” Loomis continued.

The Valley Reporter is hopeful that reading about how neighbors are doing and how they’re coping and strategies for coping will keep us connected to each other during this time of isolation.

“Our intention is to get a full cross section of our community for this historical perspective including grocers, bartenders, waitresses, lift ops, retail stores, parents homeschooling, clerks, mail carriers, second-homeowners, property managers, carpenters, farmers – all of you!” Loomis added.

Eric Friedman, executive director of the Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce reported that his 88-year-old mother told him “This is your World War II,” and encouraged him to approach the COVID-19 pandemic with that mindset.

“The Valley is full of resilient and caring people who are doing their very best to stay home and stay safe while also attending to the needs of their neighbors and others. Tell us how it’s going. Tell us what you’re afraid of. Tell us what gives you comfort. Tell us about your job or business. Your stories during this pandemic are going to create the future of our community,” Loomis said.

Emails can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and calls can be made to 496-3607. Voicemails are delivered electronically to staff members. Additionally, people can fill out a survey organized by the Mad River Valley 4-Season Guide: The MRV Stories of Resilience Project.  Friedman, at the Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce, is figuring out how to create video content to record stories, details to come soon. “We are collaborating together to move forward together! This will be an ongoing project, with more opportunities to share with us in the weeks ahead,” said June Anderson of the Mad River Valley 4-Season Guide.