VT Bluebird Project provides creative outlet

If you are a Valley parent who found yourself with a few minutes of much needed solitude while your kids were assembling birdhouses outside, you probably have Peter Pomerantz to thank.

As a way to help families cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and enjoy the beauty of spring, Peter Pomerantz of Pomerantz Woodworking in Waitsfield created the Vermont Bluebird Project, which offers free DIY birdhouse kits to any fifth- and sixth-grade child in the Mad River Valley.

Each Vermont Bluebird Project kit includes wood pieces and assembling materials, as well as a link to a simple DIY instructional video.

It took a team to make these kits with Ben Eagan of Duxbury utilizing his special router to assist with cutting parts. Pomerantz assembled over 80 kits with help from his two children.

After the birdhouses were finished and brought to their new homes, Pomerantz encouraged birdhouse owners to paint and decorate their houses and then post pictures of them on social media using the hashtag #vtbluebirdproject, so everyone could see.

“The bluebird is a symbol of hope and joy for many Vermonters, an emblem of spring's triumph over the long winter season. Likewise, the bluebird is a reminder to us all to think positively and to hope for the optimal outcome despite our circumstances,” said Pomerantz.

Pomerantz is a proponent of the idea that, even in a time of isolation, the smallest acts of solidarity, kindness and resilience still have long-lasting beneficial effects. “The goal of Vermont Bluebird Project is to offer a healthy activity to children throughout The Valley,” said Pomerantz.