Construction activities will gradually increase over time as the governor and health department determine appropriate and safe. Flaggers and pedestrian crossers will be present in the construction areas.

Segment 1. Railroad bridge by Dac Rowe to Stowe Street.

  • No work in this segment this week, but it should start up in the next few weeks.

Segment 2. Stowe Street to Park Row.

  • Park Row intersection: The work in this area is scheduled to take place May 5 through 22. Park Row West (State Office Complex side) will be temporarily closed from the intersection at South Main Street to Randall Street. This closure is expected through the weekend of May 9-10 and into the following week.
  • Work taking place in this area includes installing duct banks for the underground conduit.
  • Construction activities will take place on Park Row East along People‚Äôs Bank toward Proud Flower. The Park Row entry to the Village Market Shopping Center may be temporarily closed while this work takes place. Access will be from South Main Street.
  • The area from 81 South Main to 87 South Main will have construction work taking place for the installation of the duct banks on the State Office Complex side.
  • Fire station to Elm Street: Duct bank installation work will begin on May 11. The duct bank will be installed along the left side of the fire station and progress along the rear of the fire station and then move toward the rear parking lot of Northfield Savings Bank and finally to Elm Street.
  • Note: Once the work in and around the Park Row and South Main intersection is completed, roadway excavation work will continue along Main Street in this segment.

Segments 3 and 4. Park Row to the end of the project.

  • The temporary sidewalks and driveways from Batchelder Street to the south end of the project on the train station side of South Main Street will be removed in preparation for the permanent concrete sidewalks. The subcontractor will begin the concrete sidewalks on May 11.
  • Note: Each property will be unique during the sidewalk and driveway crossing stage and individual plans may be needed with property owners and renters. This work will involve excavation of existing material and the pouring of concrete that will need several days to cure before it can be driven over. Vehicles may need to be parked along the street for a few days during this stage. People will be notified in advance.

The schedule for the construction areas and type of work is contingent on weather, equipment, supplies and a variety of circumstances.

Contact: Barb Farr, 802-888-3810 or 802-244-4300, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Check out for project details.