Waitsfield Farmers’ Market set to open

The Waitsfield Farmers’ Market opens May 16 with new guidelines to keep vendors and the public safe. Here is how it will work. There will be one entrance from the gravel path to the south of Mad River Taste Place and shoppers will exit at the north end of the field, near the spot where Hadley Gaylord is located. The rest of the market will be roped off. The first half hour of the market, from 9 to 9:30 a.m., is designated for the elderly and immune-compromised.

The farmers’ market runs Saturdays from mid-May through the second Saturday in October from 9 a.m. through 1 p.m. This year vendors will be spaced 12 feet apart and will be wearing masks and gloves and using hand sanitizer between sales.

Only 30 to 40 people will be allowed in at a time. The only vendors initially allowed are agricultural vendors plus those selling value-added agriculture, such as cheesemakers and prepared foods vendors, as long as the food is prepped at home or on site to go in containers to be eaten off site. Vendors will be able to sell seedlings and other agricultural products such as blueberry bushes. Craft vendors will be allowed starting June 6.

There will be no picnic tables and no entertainment, no nonprofit table, no trash, recycling or compost, because people are encouraged to treat the market as a food shopping destination versus a destination for socializing. There will be one handicap-accessible port-o-let and a hand-washing station along with hand sanitizer at the entrance and exit.

Shoppers must wear masks per market manager Lotty Roozekrans. Children under 18 are not allowed at the market nor are dogs. There will be no special events at the market this year. Roozekrans said that people are encouraged to preorder and prepay and send only one person per family to the market. To preorder, access vendors through the farmers’ market website, www.waitsfieldfarmersmarket.com.

Despite the changed circumstances this year, Roozekrans is excited about this year’s market.

“There’s no better way to keep your local community united and strong than to shop and eat locally! By visiting and supporting the Waitsfield Farmers’ Market you support our local farmers as well as businesses and community members. Also, you support yourself by providing healthy and fresh food for you and your family,” she said.


May 16 vendors at the Waitsfield Farmers’ Market and more joining over the next few weeks


Clearfield Farm, Granville, VT

Melissa and John grow a vibrant variety of certified organic mixed vegetables and cut flowers for local markets, grocers and restaurants. Their 56-acre farm is located in Lower Granville just south of Moss Glen Falls.

Eastman Long and Sons, Waitsfield, VT

Family-owned and operated. Easty Long takes pride in producing Vermont pure maple syrup. Open year-round. Retail, wholesale, bulk and mail order available. www.eastmanlong.wixsite.com/maplesyrup.

Gaylord Farm, Waitsfield, VT

Gaylord Farm is a family-owned and operated business, a fourth-generation farm specializing in grass-fed beef, pigs, chickens and 13 acres of organically grown vegetables. The farm specializes in heirloom tomatoes (with several other varieties as well) growing in six greenhouses each year. Farmer Hadley Gaylord grows many root vegetables, garlic, asparagus, several herbs, turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and much more.


Gingerfield Noodles, Barre, VT

Gingerfield Noodles has been serving homemade sesame noodles and traditional Taiwanese street treats in Central Vermont since 2013. They use locally produced ingredients and King Arthur flour in every serving.

Gizmos Pickled Plus, Braintree, VT

Gizmos Pickled Plus offers over 44 types of jam, pickles, horseradish and raw honey. They also sell pies, quiche and gluten-free options.

goodMix, Waitsfield, VT

goodMix is a mix of fruits, nuts and seeds developed by a naturopath in Australia focused on gut health. Andrew McClymont now makes goodMix products in Waitsfield. They provide a wide range of prebiotic fiber which promotes microbial diversity in your gut flora for optimum gut health. Mix with fruit, yogurt, oats or smoothies. goodMix is certified low FODMAP and is USDA organic, contains no added sweeteners and no cheap fillers.

Gracieʼs Tamales, Waitsfield, VT

Gracieʼs Tamales uses corn masa from All Souls in Warren along with other local and/or organic ingredients made in her Waitsfield kitchen to craft pork, chicken, vegan and vegetarian tamales. The tamales are also gluten-free. Along with tamales, she offers burritos (breakfast and chicken), chicken tortilla soup (on those cold May and October days), taco salads and seasoned rice.

Honeywilya Fish, Duxbury, VT

Honeywilya Fish is a husband-and-wife team bringing high-quality, line-caught seafood straight from their small boat in Alaska back home to Vermont. They provide a growing list of items that include salmon, smoked salmon, halibut, lingcod and more.


Ice House Farm - Goshen, VT

Ice House Farm is a farmstead creamery located in Goshen, Vermont. “Everything we do is aimed at farming in nature’s image. Our farming practices reduce pollution, sequester carbon and increase biodiversity. Our commitment is to ecologically sound farming practices. Our goal is to build a healthier environment with a more robust surrounding ecosystem and community.” They do this by adaptively grazing a herd of dairy goats moving them to new pasture each day. They produce goat cheese, kefir, yogurt and other products on our farm.

Kadric Bakery & Catering, Waterbury, VT

A family-owned business specializing in Bosnian cuisine, inclusive of bureks, stuffed cabbage and baklava. People can pick up the prepared food at the market.

Lightfoot Farm, Northfield, VT

Lightfoot Farm consists of 4 acres of orchards and gardens in Northfield, where the farmers produce berries, nuts, herbs, flowers, maple syrup and perennials. They plant with compost and do not use pesticides. Their berries and maple syrup are combined to make low-sugar jams, their flowers are dried to produce wreaths, and herbs are dried and blended to make herbal tea

Little Hogback Farm, Bristol, VT

Little Hogback Farm is an 800-tap family-run tree farm. Their maple products are a healthy substitute for processed sweeteners.

Live Forever Foods, Morrisville, VT

Live Forever Foods creates nourishing, holistic foods to help mindful eaters consume with ease, intention and pleasure. “Check out our food service to fill your kitchen with organic plus plant-powered magic!”

Mad River Distillers, Warren, VT

Moon Castle Farm, Topsham, VTMad River Distillers is a craft producer of whiskey, rum and brandy 100 percent mashed, fermented, distilled and bottled in Vermont’s Mad River Valley. This year they will also be selling hand sanitizer made at the distillery.

Moon Castle Farm, Topsham, VT

We are a small vegetable and cut-flower farm, growing over 100 select varieties on 3 acres of prime, river valley, sandy loam soil in East Topsham. From seed to soil to your table, all of their growing practices are done with the health and happiness of their family, their customers and the Earth in mind. This year Moon Castle Farm will be bringing a variety of vegetables to Waitsfield.


Nature's Mysteries Apothecary, Westmore, VT

Nature's Mysteries Apothecary is celebrating over 12 years in business. Discover the essence of plant medicine with organic CBD applications, aromatherapy, pet products, etc., specially formulated by Michele Wildflower HHP, graduate of the clinical cannabinoid medicine curriculum, essential oil coach, homeopath, herbalist, reiki master, studying to get her Ph.D. in holistic natural health and nutrition.

Red Hen Baking Co., Middlesex, VT

Red Hen Baking Co. bakers are guided by a belief that uncomplicated ingredients and the hands of skilled artisans are the building blocks for great food. The mission is to produce premium-quality breads and pastries with traditional methods and carefully selected high-quality ingredients.

Reign Vermont, Waitsfield, VT

Bridget LaMell is the designer/maker of skirts, tops and durable handbags under the label Reign Vermont. New this year, she is offering face masks at the farmers’ market entrance. When she is not at the farmers’ market on Saturdays she is at her studio in Waitsfield.

Sage Farm Goat Dairy, Stowe, VT

Sage Farm is a small, family-run goat dairy and creamery in Stowe. They milk between 15 and 20 registered alpines and make all of their milk into a variety of fresh and aged cheeses.

Sunshine Valley Berry Farm, Rochester, VT

At Sunshine Valley Berry Farm, Rob Meadows and Patricia Rydle have been cultivating and selling organic blueberries, raspberries and blackberries – both prepicked and pick-your-own – since 2007. At the Waitsfield Farmers’ Market, they offer berries, homemade jam and raw and unfiltered honey.

Sweet Doe Dairy, Chelsea, Vermont

Sweet Doe Dairy, an 81-acre farm and creamery based in Chelsea, is New England's first and only producer premium farmstead goat milk gelato. Using truly outstanding milk from its high-performing herd of Nigerian dwarf dairy goats, Sweet Doe’s gelato features superior taste, texture and digestibility. As owners Michael and Lisa Davis put it, no one with a sensitivity to cow’s milk should be deprived of America’s favorite frozen treat. And even the rest deserve the best. For more information, visit www.sweetdoedairy.com.

The Melted Cheesiere, Barre, VT

They serve grilled cheese with a blend between classic, comfort and gourmet-inspired sandwiches. The sandwiches are made using locally sourced produce, cheeses and handmade artisan breads.

Tunbridge Hill Farm, Tunbridge, VT

Wendy and Jean Palthey have been selling their customers organic produce for over 25 years at the Waitsfield Farmers’ Market. They offer a wide assortment of vegetables and every summer patrons are lined up for more Tunbridge Hill Farm produce. Preorder at tunbridgehillfarm.com.

Vermont Fermentation Adventures, Moretown, VT

Beki Auclair lives in Moretown and makes small-batch, handcrafted, fermented foods and drinks. She strives to bring delicious products to the market. Visit Vermont Fermentation Adventures and bring home tasty kimchi, kraut, kombucha and more.

Vermont Yak Company, Waitsfield, VT

Vermont Yak Company’s YakItToMe! mobile barbecue food wagon – North America’s only grass-fed yak meat food cart, grilling grass-fed yak burgers and Vermont maple-infused sausage sandwiches for adventurous eaters. Yaks are bovines (beef), and yak meat has more protein and omega-3s and less fat than typical beef.