Construction activities will gradually increase over time as the state allows. Flaggers and pedestrian crossers will be present in the construction areas. Here is what is planned for next week.

Segment 1. Railroad bridge by Dac Rowe to Stowe Street.

Anticipate alternating one-way traffic.

Construction activities include a temporary widening of North Main Street on the even-numbered side of the street. This will allow for traffic to be shifted to install the new sewer line. The traffic shift will be the week of Memorial Day.

There will be exploratory excavation to locate the existing sewer services.


Segment 2. Stowe Street to Park Row.

Park Row intersection: Work in this area is expected to take place through May 22. Anticipate one-way alternating traffic.

Weather-dependent temporary paving will take place along Park Row East and West as well as the trench crossing at the intersection with Main Street.

During paving, parking access to businesses on Park Row East (People’s Bank to Park Row Cafe) will be the shopping center parking, the train station and the Rusty Parker Park side of Park Row.

A pedestrian greeter will be available to assist visitors to these businesses. The sidewalks will be accessible.

Park Row West will be closed into next week.

Duct bank installation will start at the Main and Foundry Streets intersection. This will continue up Foundry Street and out Bidwell Street. Foundry Street will be closed.


Segments 3 and 4. Park Row to the southern end of the project.

Anticipate one-way alternating traffic.

There will be temporary intermittent driveway access for the even-numbered properties during the sidewalk and driveway prep work.

Important: Once the concrete is poured you will need to park your vehicles off site for several days while the concrete cures.

If you have special needs or circumstances, please contact Barb Farr directly (see below).

Each property will be unique during the sidewalk and driveway prep work and concrete-pouring stage. A member of the construction crew may knock on your door for advance notice if you are home to go over details or Farr may contact you.

The schedule for the construction areas and type of work is contingent on weather, equipment, supplies and a variety of circumstances.

Contact Barb Farr, 802-244-4300, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Check out for project details and segments.