Editor's note: This is an excerpt of a story that will appear in print in the August 6 issue of The Valley Reporter published online and social media so parents who want to comment on or attend the August 5 meeting will be informed.

By Hadley Laskowski

On Monday, August 3, at a Zoom-based question and answer session about reopening schools in the Harwood Union Unified School District (HUUSD), a local family expressed a budding community concern.

The family wanted to know if parents will be given the opportunity to change their minds about sending their kids to school this fall, given that the school board recently suggested it would be taking over the school reopening planning process and shift away from a four-to-one model (that is, four days of remote learning, one day of in-person learning). 

 “We will be making the decision about our role this Wednesday,” said HUUSD Board chair Caitlin Hollister in response to this concern during the Q&A. “If the board decided to take a different role and set a different kind of policy towards reopening plans, then I certainly would expect that we would offer families more information to weigh-in. But we have a few more decisions to make before we get to that.”