Overall Impacts

  • Expect traffic delays and one-way alternating traffic in Segments 1 and 2.
  • Flaggers and pedestrian crossers will be present in the construction areas.
  • Support your local businesses.  Shop and dine local!
  • Weekends are construction-free.

Segment 1. Railroad bridge by Dac Rowe to Stowe Street

  • Excavation for the box cut will continue on both sides of North Main Street from now through next several weeks. Expect temporary loss of driveway access when the excavation takes place in front of your property. Parking is available at the municipal parking lot. Expect noise and congestion while this work takes place. 
  • Drainage crossing installations will continue.
  • Possible work at the Main and Stowe Street intersection late next week for the new traffic signal conduits.
  • Sidewalk prep will begin on the odd-numbered side of the street from the beginning of the project to Stowe Street.
  • Anticipate paving October 1 and 2 contingent on weather and schedule.
  • Anticipate new granite curbs the first two weeks in October, including lower Stowe Street.


Segment 2.  Stowe Street to Park Street

  • Driveway and sidewalk prep will continue where new curbs are installed.
  • Concrete sidewalk installation will continue where the curbs have been installed. Once the concrete is installed, driveways will be blocked from access for approximately seven days while the concrete cures. Vehicles will need to park offsite during this time. Plan accordingly.
  • Watch for signage changes to enter and exit the Village Market/Kinney’s shopping center. Park Row access will remain open.
  • Walkway and sidewalk cleanup continues.
  • Anticipate new granite curbs the first two weeks in October from Foundry Street to Stowe Street including portions of Elm Street and Bidwell Lane.
  • Bidwell Lane sidewalk work continues.

Segments 3 and 4. Park Row to the end of the project  

  • No significant construction scheduled at this time.

Waterbury Roundabout – Separate ECI contract, not McDonald

  • Paving and general road construction will take place during both daytime hours and nighttime hours at the roundabout and along Route 2.

The schedule for the construction areas and type of work is contingent on weather, equipment, supplies and a variety of circumstances. 

Contact:  Barb Farr, 802-888-3810 or 802-244-4300, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.