In a historic vote, the Vermont House today overrode the governor’s veto of H.688, the Global Warming Solutions Act on a vote of 103-47. 

The bill converts goals for greenhouse gas emission reductions into requirements, establishes a planning process to achieve the emissions reduction requirements and defines a “Cause of Action” that allows citizens to hold their government accountable for action. 


“Today’s vote reaffirms the Legislature’s commitment to combating climate change,” said House Speaker Mitzi Johnson (D-South Hero). “This bill is about planning, strategy and accountability to cut carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, build our economy as well as healthy and resilient communities and adapt to our evolving future. The climate crisis is upon us and will not wait until we are ready. We need a plan for our state and a government that is accountable to that plan. Vermonters demand it, and our future generations depend upon it. We heard from Vermonters loud and clear that climate change is a top priority. This bill is critical to setting our state on the path to a strong future. I’m proud of the action the House took to override the governor’s veto of this bill today, and I look forward to seeing this bill become law after action in the Senate.”