There will be a three-way race for a two-year seat on the Waitsfield Select Board at Town Meeting this year.

Town Meeting will be remote with all voting taking place by Australian ballot. Voters can email or call their town clerks requesting a ballot which can be filled out and returned up to and on March 2.

George Carpenter Jr., Sal Spinosa and Christine Sullivan are seeking the two-year seat currently held by Kellee Mazer who is not running for reelection. Board chair Paul Hartshorn is seeking reelection to a three-year seat and Jordan Gonda is seeking election to the last year of a three-year term vacated by Darryl Forrest.


Waitsfield’s longtime moderator Brian Shupe was elected to the select board last year but he remains the town’s moderator until March 2. That means he can serve as moderator for the town’s remote pre-Town Meeting on March 1. The town currently has no contenders for moderator and hopes to get a write-in candidate via Australian ballot voting.

In Fayston, former select board member Ed Read is challenging moderator Rick Rayfield for the position and Patti Lewis is running for reelection as town clerk, treasurer and delinquent tax collector. Select board chair Jared Cadwell is seeking reelection as is Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) board member Theresa Membrino.

In Warren, there is a contested race for the delinquent tax collector with Jeff Campbell and Dayna Lisaius seeking that three-year term. Incumbent Reta Goss is not seeking reelection to that seat. Luke Youmell is seeking reelection to a two-year seat on the select board and Reta Goss is seeking reelection to a three-year term as town clerk. Jonathan Young is seeking a seat on the Harwood Unified Union School District Board.


In Moretown, select board chair Tom Martin is running for reelection for a one-year term. Select board member Callie Streeter is also running for reelection for a three-year term on the board. Moretown treasurer Cherilyn Brown is also running for reelection for a one-year term. For Moretown’s HUUSD Board representative position, Sam Rosenberg is running to challenge Kristen Rogers, who is seeking reelection.

In Duxbury, select board chair Kevin Garcia won’t be running for reelection. Instead, Duxbury resident Mike Marotto is seeking to fill his seat. Likewise, select board member Dawn Poitras won’t run for reelection, and the town has not received any requests to fill the seat. On the other hand, select board member Jerry McMahan is seeking reelection for his current three-year select board position. For Duxbury’s HUUSD Board representative position, Duxbury resident Brian DallaMura is looking to replace Alec Adams, who is resigning after the first year of his three-year term.

In addition to electing officers, voters will be approving budgets, funds for capital improvement projects and other special allocations such as road equipment and road maintenance. Voters in Warren, Waitsfield and Fayston will also be asked to approve a $4,000 per town contribution to create an affordable housing trust. Voters in Warren, Waitsfield, Fayston and Moretown will also be asked to contribute $15,000 to the Mad River Valley Ambulance Service.