There will be no construction activity this week on the section of sidewalk that runs from just north of the Valley Players Theater to Farr Lane. Waitsfield resident Pat Traverse is the municipal project manager for the project. He reports that the general contractor, Don Weston Excavating, will be moving equipment in for the project, which apparently will be staged behind the Village Grocery.

"Weston’s project superintendent, a rep from the Waitsfield Water District, and I will be looking at the proposed configuration of new drainage piping tomorrow and analyze potential effects on the water main and services. There may also be some test pit digging in front of the Joslin Library to ascertain current piping configurations around an existing catch basin," Travers said.


Travers said he is also hoping to receive and review Weston’s traffic control plan (TCP) and their Environmental Protection and Sedimentation Control (EPSC) Plan this week.

"The town will not issue a notice to proceed to Weston until those two documents are reviewed and approved," Travers said.

 Assuming that the TCP and EPSC plans are conforming and approved, work on the new stormwater collection system (catch basins and related piping) will commence one week from today, Monday, April 26, 2021.