On May 22, Mountain Flower Farm in Warren will start its annual 20-week flower bouquet CSA. These bouquets include lilac, tulips, ranunculus, snowball viburnum, peonies, spirea, sunflowers, snapdragons, zinnia, hydrangea, lilies and more.

“I’m excited to see the CSA go into its 22nd year!” said Walt Krukowski, Mountain Flower Farm owner.

While the farm sends many of its flowers to events outside The Valley, Krukowski loves the CSA for its ability to provide connection to local residents. “The concept of connection is why we love providing flowers,” said Krukowski. “Joining the community in some way together to witness the change of the seasons through the lens of our busy flower farm is a unique experience, that brings great joy and satisfaction. The flowers of our Vermont summer are beautiful and abundant and I believe they bring tangible joy to those around them.”


While last year the flower farm saw an initial decline in flower sales as the COVID-19 pandemic struck The Valley, ultimately the farm bounced back. “The farm is busier than ever, and demand for our service has increased throughout the floral design world, so we’re lucky to say the farm is currently sailing smoothly,” said Krukowski.

Although many flower-heavy events like weddings were canceled due to the pandemic, other venues kept ordering flowers from the farm, keeping it afloat. “The majority of what we grow is shipped out to discerning floral designers nationwide, and collectively they are still using flowers,” said Krukowski.


With the pandemic slowly fading away, Krukowski is optimistic for the season ahead. Moreover, he believes the CSA will be even better than last year, as it always is. “Each season the flower CSA becomes more and more fine-tuned, highlighting the natural progression and incorporating some of the longer-yielding crops like woody branches that we’ve been waiting years for,” said Krukowski.

Those hesitant to commit to a full 20 weeks of flowers have other options to support the farm as well. The farm also offers a four-week CSA, and sells individual bouquets at its farm stand on 334 Roxbury Mountain Road in Warren.

“The best way to help support the flower farm is to stop by our roadside farm stand and bring home a bouquet!” said Krukowski.