Installation of vertical granite curb is continuing at the Waitsfield Village West Sidewalk Project this week, according to Pat Travers, project manager for Greenman-Pedersen, Inc., resident engineering consultant for the town of Waitsfield. Curbing should be completed from the Valley Players Theater to the Fit Werx property by the end of the week. Preparation of the gravel subbase for the sidewalk is also progressing in the same area of the project and the base course of pavement was placed on Tuesday for the new parking spaces in front of the Valley Players Theater. Catch basin tops have also been set. Within the next week or so, installation of the concrete sidewalk will begin, starting at the northern end of the project, running south.



Beginning next week, the project’s general contractor, Don Weston Excavating, will move to the southern end of the project to start drainage work at the corner of Farr Lane and Main Street. Catch basins and stormwater piping will be installed from Farr Lane up to and in front of the Village Grocery. Work in this area of the project will most likely proceed more slowly than up to this point, due to tighter site conditions and existing underground utilities that will require sensitive excavation work. Motorists should continue to plan for minor delays in the project area due to the closure of the southbound lane of Main Street.

If work continues to proceed on schedule, the project should be completed by the end of June.