On May 26, the Harwood Unified Union School District Board will be voting whether or not to continue with its plan to bring all seventh- and eighth-graders to CBMS in the fall of 2022. If the board votes to continue, it will be making decisions about possible changes to CBMS -- whether or not there should be an addition, how big it should be, etc. Each decision has implications for costs as well as the way things will feel for students and teachers inside the building.



Whether or not people are in support of bringing all seventh- and eighth-graders to CBMS, community members are invited to share their thoughts about how, if the schools merge, the board can make that as good as possible for the district. The board has put together a very brief survey to understand more about community priorities in this area.


The survey will be open until Thursday, May 20.

Link to survey: https://forms.gle/RgFbNYUi4A7wKmaf6