Architect's rendering of the Lareau swim hole portalets and shelter placement.

The Waitsfield Select Board approved a stewardMRV plan that calls for additional portalets and trash/recycling options for two public recreation areas in town.

At its May 10 meeting, the board heard from Ross Saxton, executive director of the Mad River Path which has partnered with the Mad River Valley Chamber and other recreation/community groups on stewardMRV to clean up and steward recreational access points throughout The Valley.

At the meeting, the board discussed the stewardMRV proposal for its pilot year which calls for one regular and one ADA accessible portalet at the Lareau swim hole and in the Bridge Street Marketplace parking area. The town has previously paid for one portalet in each location. The town has also managed trash containers at the Lareau swim hole, Joslin Memorial Library park, Lovett park and Bridge Street sidewalk.



The stewardMRV proposal calls for increased cleanings/pumpings of the portalets coordinated by the new group, plus adding more trash and recycling bins which will also be managed by stewardMRV. StewardMRV will hire A&J Recycling to provide the additional trash and recycling pickup at these locations twice a week, as well as Joslin Memorial Library park and the two bins along the Bridge Street sidewalk.

Per the pilot proposal the portalets and trash/recycling bins for each site will be contained within a wooden shelter, which will be built by Charlie Hosford and David Hodgson.

StewardMRV is asking that the select board permit the shelters with portalets and trash bins at the Lareau swim hole adjacent to the kiosk. This shelter will not replace any parking spaces. With permission, the Mad River Path and the Mad River Valley Recreation District will submit the town permits for the shelters to be placed at Lareau swim hole and Bridge Street Marketplace.


At the meeting this week, Saxton and board vice-chair Christine Sullivan discussed a plan for the town to use funds in its maintenance and parks line item towards the stewardMRV plan, which board members agreed to do. Saxton explained that stewardMRV has funding from the chamber, the Mad River Valley Rotary, private sources and business donations.

“We think we have the full amount that we’ll need, about $20,000. If we need more we have an arrangement with another business that will do a match program,” Saxton said.