These two new catch basins were installed at the corner of Main Street and Farr Lane on May 18. Photo: Pat Travers.

Last Friday, Don Weston Excavating completed curb and paving work in the area from Fit Werx northward, according to Pat Travers of Greenman-Pedersen, Inc., resident engineering consultant for the town of Waitsfield. On Monday, May 17, construction activity shifted to the southern end of the project, at the corner of Farr Lane. As of Tuesday, May 18, two new catch basins had been installed at that intersection along with drainage piping between the two. Work for the rest of this week will focus on the installation of additional drainage structures and stormwater piping in front of the Masonic Hall, Waitsfield Pottery Building and the Village Grocery. Excavation work for the proposed sidewalk will also take place in that area.



Although there may be temporary short-term closures to driveways during excavation work, access will be maintained to all businesses and residences while work progresses. The southbound lane of Main Street will continue to be closed during construction activity and alternating one-way traffic will be managed by flaggers. Vehicles coming out of Bridge Street will also be signaled by flaggers when it is their turn to enter onto Main Street. Travelers should prepare for minor delays on Main Street and Bridge Street.


Next week, if all goes as planned, will see the continuation of drainage system work and perhaps the placement of the first segments of the concrete sidewalk in the vicinity of the Valley Players Theater.