Andy Yager, owner of Mountain Powerwash and Paint in Fayston, just had a six-week job get postponed from next week until September, but that doesn’t worry him as he knows his schedule will fill up quickly.



“I have no worries about my schedule this year. It’s the nature of the business to get calls throughout the summer and people booked with me last fall as well. Just getting through those jobs will keep me busy. Everybody is very happy with the workload,” he said.

Like most contractors, his business has been impacted by the fact that people have been home a lot and want to improve their surroundings. He’s doing of lot of regular power washing maintenance for his customers as well as working removing old stain in preparation for fresh stain.

“It’s always good to power wash a painted house before you paint it again. It re moves the mold and mildew which can reduce the life of paint or stain,” he said.


He pointed out that mold and mildew grow in the boards exactly where the paint and stain need to go to protect the wood.

“It takes the right amount of soap and little bleach and not too much power to remove the mold and mildew so paint can be applied,” he said.

Yager has been in business for over 20 years in The Valley.