Mad River Valley TV, The Valley’s public access TV station, will launch streaming access to the programming currently available only to cable subscribers. As TV viewers continue to “cut the cord” cable viewership is declining limiting the audience for cable content. “We’re committed to enhancing the community connection by providing our public, educational and governmental programming to all Valley residents – full- and part-time – not only to cable subscribers. With our new streaming offering, anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world, can view our channels as they’re provided on cable,” explained Rob Perry, MRVTV executive director.



“MRVTV is committed to keeping Mad River Valley residents informed on happenings in local government, the school district, the community as well as across Vermont,” he added.

The service is coming online just in time for the restart of the Warren Fourth of July parade. MRVTV will livestream the parade on channel 44/244 which viewers can now also watch through streaming. To connect to the video stream, go to and choose the MRVTV Live on the menu and select “Watch Live.”