By Lisa Loomis

As The Valley Reporter goes to press on March 18, residents in Granville are gathering to discuss the future of the town's school.

When Hancock residents voted to close their school at Town Meeting, it impacted Granville students as well. The Hancock/Granville school district was set up on two campuses, the one-room schoolhouse in Granville and a two-room schoolhouse in Hancock.


At Town Meeting, Granville residents were presented with a proposal to close the Granville campus and send all 30 students to the Hancock campus. The Hancock campus would then accommodate kindergarten through fifth grade, and sixth-graders from both towns would be tuitioned out to other areas schools.

When Hancock voters voted to close their school, it left Granville voters unable to vote on their school budget and the proposal to close the one-room school in Granville. While Hancock voters are likely to petition the town for reconsideration of that Town Meeting vote (where 64 of the town's 252 registered voters voted 41 to 23 to close the school), Granville voters are left up in the air on their options and must make plans to tuition their students elsewhere.


Granville residents are meeting on March 18 to discuss options, to answer questions about tuitioning. Granville will hold a special school budget vote on April 6.