Sandy Gallup, Waitsfield, is not having a lot of luck when it comes to retiring. This summer she announced her resignation as Waitsfield town treasurer, and now – in October- she’s still filling the role, albeit on a more limited basis.



Gallup worked for the Harwood Unified Union School District (Washington West at the time) until 1998 and then was elected Waitsfield town treasurer, serving until 2005 when she left to work for the city of Montpelier where she worked for 11 years before retiring for the first time – only to find herself back at the town of Waitsfield when former treasurer Kellee Mazer left the position.

Three years later she’s trying to retire again.

“The job market is such that it’s tough. Since July, we had two applicants who got quite far along in the process but they both decided not to take the job,” Gallup said.


“It’s a good local job with flexibility, a totally great job,” she said, noting that budgeting season starts in September and wraps up in January and that the new treasurer will face a bit of a learning curve.

The first time she planned to retire, she made the decision because she’d been in the municipal retirement system for so long there was no added benefit to staying longer. Her husband Bill retired about the time she became the Waitsfield treasurer again.

“At this point, I’m just hoping for the best,” she said.

If she succeeds in retiring, she looks forward to spending time with two grandsons who are 12 and 14 and live in Richmond, as well as traveling with her husband, in particular to their place in Culebra, Puerto Rico.