Kingsbury Companies (KCOS) awarded Surry Mountain Lake Service Gate Replacement Project

Kingsbury Companies was recently awarded the Surry Mountain Lake Service Gate Replacement Project in Surry, NH. Surry Mountain Lake is an impoundment on the Ashuelot River in Surry, NH. It was built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in 1941 to protect downstream communities, such as Keene from flooding. The height of the dam is 83 feet, its length is 1,800 feet at the crest, with a maximum capacity of 44,000 acre-feet and a normal capacity of 1,320 acre-feet.

The work for this project at the Surry Mountain Lake Dam includes the in-kind furnishment and installation of two new service gates to replace the original gates which were manufactured in 1939. These gates seal each of the service and emergency bypass tunnels which are over 83 feet below the floor of the gatehouse and are used to control the level of the impoundment. They will need to be replaced one at a time to ensure that the dam is operational throughout construction.

Sarah Merrill joins Vermont Day School board of directors

Vermont Day School welcomes Sarah C. Merrill MSN, APRN, JD to the board of directors.

Merrill, Fayston, has been a part of the Vermont Day School community since 2018 and is the parent of two current Vermont Day School Middle School students.

According to school spokesperson Faith James, Merrill is a strong believer in independent schools. She attended Indian Mountain School and The Hotchkiss School, both in Connecticut, where she grew up as a faculty child to her educator parents.

"She values the opportunities that a private school education afforded her both academically and athletically and is eager to inspire the same for all students who attend Vermont Day School," James said.

“I have been thrilled with my children’s education and the community experiences at VDS. Now seeing the board in action, I am more amazed at the highly competent, committed and visionary leadership behind the school," Merrill said.

Merrill brings to the board her experience as a child and adolescent psychiatric nurse practitioner at the University of Connecticut Health Center. She also served as an attorney specializing in health care law and medical malpractice defense at a firm in Waterbury, Connecticut, and health care quality and risk management for the Vermont Department of Mental Health and BCBSVT. She lives in Fayston, Vermont, with her husband and two children.