All students in the Harwood Unified Union School District will be receiving KN95 masks from their schools in the next few days.


HUUSD is providing KN95 masks to staff and students at no cost. Students and staff are encouraged to wear these masks to school. Students are not required to wear the KN95 masks, but the district is making them available as an option.

Each kindergarten through 12th-grade student is being provided with 10 masks. Preschool students, who are in school buildings for less time, are being provided with five masks. These masks, unlike disposable surgical masks, can be reused.

The district is making some additional KN95 masks at school available for students upon request. District officials anticipate this supply should meet most individuals' needs at least through the end of March.

District Superintendent Brigid Nease said that students and staff are encouraged to have an extra mask (students may keep this in their backpack) in the event that their mask becomes wet or dirty while at school. KN95 masks can be used as long as breathing remains comfortable. Discard masks that become soiled. Store masks in paper bags for 48 hours before wearing again.