VHB Consultants conducted a traffic, speed and parking assessment in Warren Village and have released their recommendations to curb speeding and address parking and pedestrian safety. The Warren Select Board discussed their findings and heard public comment on the issue at its February 8 meeting. The board will use American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to address these issues in the village.

VHB’s recommendations included creating islands with cobblestone walkways on Main Street and Brook Road, adding more visible signage, creating medians in the road, restriping to narrow lanes on Brook Road and Flat Iron Road and even adding a mini-roundabout, the latter of which the board rejected. Making bridges more attractive with lighting for pedestrians was another possible suggestion that came up. VHB also recommended removing asphalt to reduce turning radius and trimming brush on Main Street to increase visibility.

Select board member Devin Klein-Corrigan called adding cobblestone walkways to slow drivers down “an excellent idea,” while board member Luke Youmell said, “It would be a big change for the way the village and town look.”

Warren resident Richard Czaplinksi worried adding a median could be dangerous and suggested adding sound strips to warn people to slow down.

“The stripping I think would work but I don’t know if it’s characteristic of the village,” board member Bob Ackland added.

“I’m against more signs,” board chair Andy Cunningham said, adding that he’d like to see an evaluation of which signs are working to reduce speeds.

The board agreed to begin with restriping lanes and adding cobblestone walkways. The board will ask VHB for details on the cost of these measures and next steps. It asked community members to weigh in on these recommendations by Monday, February 14, so it can make decisions in the next few weeks.

In other action, the board unanimously voted to extend Warren’s indoor mask mandate for another 30 days. “It’s a very simple thing to do to wear a mask,” Youmell said.