Tree limb catching fire on power line off the Airport Road in warren, VT. Photo: John Williams

Vermonters were reminded this week why it’s a good idea to keep those snow tires on until May. Several inches of heavy, wet snow hit communities throughout the state Monday night, with some towns reporting as many as 10 inches. Sugarbush reported getting 5-6 inches of wet, dense snow between Monday, April 18, and Tuesday, April 19.

Route 100 in Duxbury was closed for a period on Tuesday due to a downed tree with live wires blocking both lanes. Power was briefly out throughout The Valley following the storm and debris littered many roads. A fallen tree caught fire on a power line on Airport Road in Warren.

With last week’s temperatures in the upper 50s, it may have felt like spring was finally here, but this week’s snow reminded Vermonters why it’s prudent to wait to plant until at least mid-May. - ENF