Last week the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) reported 49 new cases of COVID-19 across its seven schools. That’s more than the 43 total cases reported by the HUUSD in March in a single week. The district has reported a total of 83 cases so far in April, the highest number of cases since January. There were 44 cases in February and 43 in March. The HUUSD rescinded mask mandates in schools in mid-March.

There have been 368 total reported cases in the HUUSD this school year, beginning with 1 in August, 5 in both September and October, 18 in November and 46 in December before spiking in January with 123 cases. Cases seemed to be on a downward trend in February and March but appear to be on an upswing again. HUUSD schools are currently on spring break so there will be no update in cases this week.

HUUSD Cases 21 22

From February 7-April 8, 8.4% of HUUSD students were absent. The most recent data shows that 770 students were absent in the week of April 4-8, the highest during the February 7-April 8 period. The number of student absences trended upward during that period. Of the 770 student absences from April 4-8, 303 were non-COVID related, meaning there were 467 absences due to having COVID symptoms, testing positive for COVID, or for social-emotional reasons.