Several local organizations have asked The Valley Reporter to help publicize the scholarships they have available for local and regional college-bound students. According to some folks, they are not getting applications from students. The Valley Reporter reached out to Sally McCarthy, director of school counseling for Harwood Union, to find out about how the process works for students and their parents.


"We’re excited to share that Harwood Union students who have applied to college have been receiving lots of good news through their college acceptance letters. Students typically have until May 1 to commit to the college they wish to attend," McCarthy said.

"Seniors are now busy applying for scholarships to fund their post-secondary educational experiences. Harwood Union provides students and families with a long list of available scholarships on a site called Naviance. Naviance is an American college and career readiness software provider that partners with high schools and other K–12 institutions to provide students with college planning and career assessment tools. Students have been utilizing Naviance throughout the year to organize their college applications, recommendations and supporting documents. Parents have their own login to access their student’s Naviance portal," McCarthy explained.

McCarthy explained that school counselors are available to assist seniors with the scholarship process and she sends reminders out to students and parents on a regular basis about the scholarships that are listed on Naviance. Any local organization that has a scholarship is welcome to share the information with the school and that scholarship will be posted on the Naviance system. Many organizations will promote their scholarships on their individual websites and publicize it in local newspapers and on Front Porch Forum. For more information on scholarships, contact the Harwood Union School Counseling Department’s registrar, Jen Shaub, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 802-583-8180.