The Dimetrodon in Warren, VT.

This Friday, the Madsonian Museum on Bridge Street in Waitsfield celebrates its new exhibit with an open house from 5:30 to 9 p.m.


The May 13 opening of “Housing, The Art of Community,” is open to all and refreshments will be served.

Museum founder Dave Sellers said with the exhibit and open house he hopes to identify growth center locations for housing in The Valley based on community input. The museum will summarize all ideas and feedback, including planning suggestions, designs and more, for a future housing show at the museum.

“How can the Mad River Valley grow in a way that supports community, walkability, and sustainable housing solutions? What are the roadblocks in The Valley to more housing? Is it land, permits, mortgages, or high real estate taxes? Come to the Madsonian this Friday to join this important and timely conversation,” he urged.

He said that illustrations of the Dimetrodon, a multi-unit housing development in Warren and other visionary housing concepts built by Valley residents are featured in the exhibit to inspire new housing ideas.

“Innovative sketches of Burlington, Waterbury, Montpelier and a SPRAWL-FREE rail corridor along Amtrak lines, and sketches of a case-study light rail from Waitsfield to Stowe through Waterbury are on the walls for comments and to encourage conversation,” he added.

“Put a pin in the map of The Valley where you think new housing should go, and submit all thoughts on the exhibit’s comment boards and questionnaires,” Sellers added.

Members of the local planning commissions, the Mad River Valley Housing Coalition and the Mad River Valley Planning District, will be on hand to discuss housing issues and opportunities.