Harwood Unified Union School District

Life LeGeros has submitted a letter of interest for consideration for the open Duxbury seat for the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) Board. If appointed, he would serve until Town Meeting Day 2023. The seat has been open since March 1, 2022, when Torrey Smith chose not to run for reelection and no one ran for that seat.


LeGeros has a background in education and is currently a professional development coordinator for the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education (TIIE) at the University of Vermont. “In that role I work with schools and districts to support transformation toward more student-centered learning environments for middle school students. I was the point person for a partnership between TIIE and HUUSD during 2015-2019,” he wrote in his letter to the board.

“I care deeply about our community and our schools,” LeGeros wrote. “I am the parent of two children in HUUSD schools. I have both participated in and helped facilitate community conversations related to school board engagement. I have engaged with the board regularly as a citizen as well as a member of the Waterbury Area Anti-Racism Coalition. My impression is that our community is one where people are willing to come together to discuss complex ideas and tough issues, especially when the well-being of our youth is at stake … I am committed to bringing an equity lens to the processes and decisions of the school board. I will seek to listen to all members of our community while making a special effort to connect with those who have been historically marginalized. I hope to contribute to consensus building in our community and amongst board members while upholding values related to social justice in pursuit of the board’s vision.”

As The Valley Reporter goes to press, the HUUSD Board is planning to vote on the appointment of LeGeros to the board at its May 25 meeting. There is still an open seat from Fayston. No one has yet expressed interest in that position.