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The Friends of the Mad River (FMR) board of directors invites the community to join them at Lawson’s Finest Liquids Beer Garden in Waitsfield on Monday, June 20, from 5 to 7 p.m. to raise a pint for the Mad River, and in doing so raise awareness for the watershed, climate, and the work of Friends.


“We are so excited to be able to reconnect with our community members who are truly the heart of our organization,” said Eve Frankel, communications team chair (Waitsfield). “We need all hands-on deck as we work together to make sure our community thrives and prospers in the face of a changing climate.”

On June 20, join and learn about FMR’s volunteer-driven Mad River Watch program that monitors the river’s water quality, the environmental dimensions of the Valley’s proposed recreation hub project, and how to involved with the organization.

“When we look at Scrag Mountain in the distance, we value the freshwater aquifer beneath it that sources our beer. Scrag is a great reminder that healthy land and clean water are necessary for making great beer,” said Lawson’s co-owner Karen Lawson. “We prioritize sustainability in our business and aspire to leave this Valley a better place. We sponsor the Friends of the Mad River each year to support their work in stewarding our community’s healthy land and clean water, and are excited to celebrate with them on June 20.”

Brief opening remarks by FMR executive director, Corrie Miller will be followed by an informal gathering of friends, neighbors, and Friends of the Mad River board members to the musical backdrop of Abby Jenne. Board members include: Richard Czaplinski (Warren), Rebecca Diehl (Waitsfield), Frankel (Waitsfield), Jeannie Nicklas (Warren), Sucosh Norton (treasurer, Warren), Grady O’Shaughnessy (Warren), Kinny Perot (secretary, Warren), Amy Polaczyk (Warren), Brian Shupe (Waitsfield), Katie Sullivan (vice president, Waitsfield), and Matt Williams (president, Moretown).

“As climate impacts are intensifying, it is more important than ever to come together as a community,” said Miller. “We can share concerns and ideas, learn from one another, and dream together. We can dive into synergies and take action.”

FMR plans to host these Clean Water, Great Beer meet and greets quarterly while also offering a slate of upcoming climate resilience opportunities that includes a climate chat on July 5 at Lareau Farm, home of American Flatbread. Learn more at friendsofthemadriver.org/events.