Sugarbush resort in winter

In 2017, Sugarbush Resort launched a Tenants for Turns program that incentivized local landlords and homeowners to rent to Sugarbush employees. In a recent social media post, Sugarbush wrote, “Tenants for Turns is a community-based program aimed at benefiting both local homeowners and Sugarbush employees. We want to reward local homeowners and landlords for renting to Sugarbush employees! Landlords can choose from one of three incentives: $100 Premium season pass, SHaRC (Sugarbush Health and Recreation Center) membership family, or 10 all-mountain vouchers.”


Sugarbush matches landlords willing to rent a room, apartment or house at a reasonable price with employee renters. The landlord and tenant work out the rental agreement between themselves. Some barter for help with shoveling walkways or other household tasks. 

“We launched the program because of the extreme need of housing for seasonal as well as full-time, year-round staff in The Valley,” Sugarbush vice-president of human resources Annemarie Todd said. “In order to run the resort, we need staff.” She said that, when a snowstorm hits, the resort can’t rely on staff coming from an hour or more away. People expect to be able to get on the lift when it opens and that requires staff who live nearby being able to get there early and safely.

Todd noted that the program is perfect for homeowners who spend the winters in warmer climates and can rely on a Sugarbush employee to watch over and maintain their house while they’re away, while providing much-needed housing to an employee.

Todd said that, in the 2019-2020 season, 20 properties were rented through the Tenants for Turns program. That changed during the pandemic, when just two properties were being rented through the program. The resort hopes to have more participants this season.

Contact Sugarbush HR to find out more about the program: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (802) 583-6380.