People in the vicinity of Cider Hill Road in Warren and the surrounding areas are being urged to check underneath decks and cars, in barns and sheds for Reggie, a four-month-old golden retriever puppy missing since Monday, November 21.


Four local volunteers are heading up the effort to find Reggie, who is missing from his home on Cider Hill in Warren. Reggie weighs about 40 pounds and was wearing a black collar when he went missing. He is micro-chipped.

Karin Stroem, Waitsfield, is one of the volunteers. She said that at this point, the objective is to try and lure Reggie out of a section of the woods near his home where she and others believe he is in hiding.

They are using clothing scented by his owner as well as the two other family dogs. Those dogs are also in the woods with those searching.

“We’re using game cams in hopes of catching sight of him, rather than going deeper and deeper into the woods. There’s so much activity in the woods right now between people hiking and hunting,” Stroem said.

Another volunteer, Zari Sadri said that while there have been no confirmed sightings, yet, tracking leads them to believe that Reggie is hiding in a section of woods about a mile from his home.


“We are asking, at the advice of trackers and dog recovery organizations, that folks avoid recreating in the woods in the area south of Scrag Mountain wilderness, between Bowen Road and Cider Hill if possible,” Sadri said.

“Reggie, if found, will likely be in survival mode and incredibly scared. If you do spot Reggie, sit quietly on the ground, avoid direct eye contact, and try to lure him. If he bolts, note the direction and call Karin (561-371-4535) or me (802-373-5227) immediately,” she added.

Stroem said that more game cams are needed and more flyers need to be posted. People who can help with either of those things can call her at 561-371-4535.

“We want to put a couple of game cams on the other side of the hill in case he went over the ridge,” she added.

“People, please take a look under decks, outbuildings and porches. People walking the roads and driving, please keep your eyes open. He is likely to be more active in the night than during the day, “Stroem urged.

Sadri noted that it is also possible that the dog could have headed south towards the East Warren Community Market. For more information on lost dog recovery visit A reward is being offered for Reggie’s safe return.