Tina Wood dressed as the Cat In The Hat and her dogs Khaleesi and Dennis as Thing 1 and Thing 2

Tina Wood, Waitsfield, has gone through a lot since 2014 and her dogs Dennis and Khaleesi are what got her through it.


"Back in 2014 while living on a property in Waitsfield as a homeless person I lost three dogs in a fire. Khaleesi is special to me because she's related to those three that I had lost. Shortly after losing them, I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2B. I went through a year of treatment: heavy chemo, radiation -- the works. Khaleesi came to me shortly after I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer two years after my original diagnosis," Wood said

She is still living with breast cancer and has treatment every two weeks. She just had her 90th round.

"Dennis came to me in 2020 he was the last puppy in need of a home and it turns out he's totally deaf. Back in July, Dennis got very ill with a rare fungal disease called blastomycosis," she recalled.

"These two are not dogs to me they are my family, my children and they keep me going in our life through my cancer journey. As long as we together it will be okay," she said.