Moretown residents’ feedback is needed about the possibility of a wastewater treatment system for Moretown Village. The town has access to $3.3 million of Inflation Reduction Act funds if it decides it wants to build one. The Moretown Wastewater Committee is exploring the desirability and feasibility of this opportunity. The committee has retained Otter Creek Engineering to provide technical support and information that will help the town weigh options and make an informed decision about this matter.



Currently, the 45 homes and businesses within the village district each have their own onsite sewage treatment systems. A single-family residence with four people produces on average around 180 gallons of wastewater a day, or about 66,000 gallons per year, and twice that at times of peak usage. These individual systems rely on septic tanks and soil filtration to treat the sewage before it reaches other water sources.

“Failed systems can contaminate drinking water and seep into the Mad River and its tributaries putting people at risk of exposure to pathogens. There have been 10 reported failures of onsite sewage systems in the village district between 1987 and 2022. Failed systems sometimes have no good alternative locations for a new system and require a variance for a replacement that has a higher risk for another failure,” explained Jack Byrne, a member of the wastewater committee.

In addition to potentially being a safer alternative to individual onsite sewage systems, a district treatment system might allow denser development in the village to provide for more economic development in an already compact area.


“Even though we are a long way from determining if it is worth the effort and cost to locate and build a village system, there is a lot of flexibility in how the cost and benefits of a system could be allocated and we will also be exploring those options, if it makes sense to continue planning for one,” he added.

A preliminary document providing information about the study is available at:

The committee is seeking input from all Moretown residents to help members better understand how people view this opportunity and what concerns and questions they have to help inform a town decision about it.

“We will soon circulate a questionnaire to help gauge interest, issues, and other feedback that need to be considered,” Bryne said

The committee meets every other Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in person and/or virtually. The next meeting is scheduled for March 9, 2023. Public participation and input are welcome.

Website for committee:

Committee members include chair Clark Amadon, Byrne, Deb Carroll, Jay Pilliod, Rae Washburn III, and David Westerman.