By Lisa Loomis

Valley voters came, they debated, they voted and they ate lunch on Town Meeting Day, March 2.

Voters from Duxbury to Warren spent the day discussing budgets, special articles, school finances, Vermont Yankee, classroom size and procedural issues this year.



Fayston Moretown
Waitsfield Warren

Waitsfield voters established a $50,000 Budget Reserve Fund and added $7,500 to the $2,500 earmarked for the town's conservation, recreation and restroom fund.  Late in the afternoon, voters turned down a motion to go line by line through the town budget's special appropriations section.

After much discussion, Warren voters added $20,000 to that town's Conservation Fund and tabled a motion to pave the parking lot of the East Warren Market that came as part of a grant to create a park and ride at the four corners locale.

Warren voters rejected a proposed school budget amendment calling for cutting $42,000 from the school budget.

In Fayston, voters re-elected all town officials and also adopted a resolution calling for the closure of Vermont Yankee, among other things. Moretown and Waitsfield voters also passed that resolution.

Both Fayston and Waitsfield voters faced an article authorizing the select board to opt out of mailing town reports to all residents, and instead making the report available to those who ask and online. The article engendered much discussion in both towns. Waitsfield voters passed the article by standing to be counted and Fayston voters defeated it.

Moretown voters defeated Article 10, which asked voters to approve a sum of $190,000 for the purchase of a new dump truck for the town's highway department: 212 voted against, 208 voted in favor.