Construction continues at Riders Outpost in Waitsfield, VT. Photo LAL

After several hearings, a site visit, a punch list and a final hearing, the Waitsfield Development Review Board approved an amended master plan for Riders’ Outpost which added six cabins and six tent platforms.



Developer Jonny Adler received the original master plan approval in June 2022 which included a 16-room hotel, and a flex apartment, with a capacity for up to 69 guests, a 72-seat restaurant and a 1,500-square-foot retail space.

The amended master plan reduces restaurant seats to 54 and increases guest rooms to 19 rooms in the hotel, one apartment above the restaurant with a bunk room that can be rented separately plus the cabins and tents.

This spring Adler came back to the town requesting permission to add six 200-square-foot cabins, the six seasonal tent pads, capable of holding up to 10 tents, and a 770-square-foot bath house. The cabins will have their own bathrooms and the bathhouse is for the tents.

After a final hearing on May 9, 2023, the DRB issued its decision on May 18 and it contains few conditions. The seasonal tent pads must be removed if flooding is predicted, parking will be subject to further town review if issues arise and the same holds true for traffic. The board asked Adler to deter cyclists from using the driveway to ingress and egress and to provide an alternate path for bike traffic that is removed from the Route 100/Main Street corridor.