The Vermont Agency of Transportation is working to complete maintenance projects on two Valley bridges: one on Route 100B in Moretown, the other in Waitsfield near Lareau Farm.

Both projects require the use of temporary traffic lights to facilitate one-way traffic over both bridges.

According to VTrans communications director John Zicconi, the Moretown bridge was identified by VTrans as a safety concern as a result of a cracked concrete wall railing.

"We felt it was a safety issue, so we're removing the concrete wall and building a curb and a traditional steel railing," he said.

The project will cost VTrans $68,500 and will be completed by June 11, according to Zicconi. The bridge is the one close to Maynard's Snack Bar, just north of the intersection of Routes 100 and 100B.

VTrans identified the bridge in Waitsfield because of a leaking joint that they plan to remove. The bridge expansion joint is problematic, according to Zicconi, because the joint is not keeping the water back as well as it should.

"Water is the enemy of bridges; it makes thing corrode and decays the bridge. We're removing the joint and using rebar and more concrete to make the deck longer and stop the joint from leaking; the bridge can still expand and contract," Zicconi added.

According to Zicconi, the leaking joint doesn't allow the bridge to expand and contract as much as it was designed to do. The joint between the two bridge abutments will be removed, allowing plenty of play, and protect the bridge from leaking.

The project will cost VTrans $62,500 and also will be completed by June 11. Zicconi said both bridge projects are the result of safety concerns and a part of normal maintenance to prevent larger issues in the future.
"We like to spend a little money now rather than a lot of money later," Zicconi said.