On November 14, the Warren Select Board discussed whether to close an unnamed access road that connects Cemetery Road to Brook Road in Warren Village.




Homeowners who live off of the unnamed road said that while the town owns a portion of it and uses it to access the Warren Cemetery, the town does not contribute to maintenance costs associated with the road. They also said that they were concerned with increasing traffic on the road.

Warren resident Jeffrey Lick, whose driveway is owned by the town, said that he would prefer the road to be closed, but if it cannot be closed and the cemetery continues to use it, homeowners are asking the town to contribute to costs for snow plowing, drainage, ditch maintenance and grading. “If the cemetery is going to use it, they’re going to have to share in all that,” he said.

Lick said that a third option could be for the road to become accessible only by the cemetery commission and its employees – not for public traffic. In that case, Lick asked that the town would install a locked gate or chain in order to block public access.

Cemetery commissioner Charlie Snow said that the access road is important for completing cemetery work, but zoning administrator Ruth Robbins said that she believes the cemetery’s work could continue even if the access road is closed.

Board chair Luke Youmell said that working out the issue is a matter of satisfying homeowners to some extent, while allowing the town to maintain their right to the road. Board member Andy Cunningham said that there are multiple solutions on the table, but that homeowners and the cemetery commission need to come to an agreement.