Moretown Town Hall

Moretown’s budget for next year is set at $1,646,965 – up about $192,000 or 13.2% over the current budget.





General town expenses are up 9% -- including a $22,800 increase for stormwater maintenance and $4,000 towards a project to construct a multi-use path in the town.

Spending for the Moretown Planning Commission is up about $15,000 – most of which will be used to hire a consultant to update the Town Plan.

Select board costs are up 62.6% -- set at about $40,000, including a $37,000 increase for raises and consulting as needed, with just over half of that to be reimbursed by FEMA. 

Salaries and wages are up – with a 7% increase in pay for the town clerk, town treasurer and the highway crew. The zoning administrator will see a 40% increase – at $26,621. The library director and co-director are set to receive a combined increase of $7,000.

Costs related to town highways are up 9.2%, set at about $61,000 – including an 87% increase in spending for highway work, $10,790 to repave the Village Hill, and $10,000 towards a scoping study for the sidewalk project in Moretown Village. Costs for highway supplies are up 9.1% or $17,000 -- including for culvert work and supplies like gravel, sand and salt.