Duxbury, Vermont

Duxbury’s proposed budget for next year is set at approximately $1.2 million – up 22.8% or $217,130 from the current year. With an additional request to transfer $115,000 to the town’s capital reserve fund, the total request to taxpayers is about $1.3 million.

Wages for town officers and employees are set at $160,305 – up 15.6% from the current year. That includes a $13,040 increase for the town’s zoning administrator, and 4% increases for the town clerk, assistant town clerk and town treasurer.

The cost of some services are up – including an $8,000 increase for auditing services and a nearly $13,000 increase for ambulance services – up 34.6%

Total highway costs are up $53,261 or 6.8% from the current year. That includes an increase of approximately $34,000 in highway materials – up 11.8%. The cost of gravel is up $20,000 and sand trucking is up $10,000. Wages for the road crew are budgeted at a 5.3% increase – an additional $16,241.

The budget shows a 34.7% decrease in revenues, however, that is before delinquent taxes are factored in. This year, the town collected about $136,000 in delinquent taxes.