With the first flakes flying on the mountain, most people are probably pulling out their cold-weather clothing. Those who might be wondering what to do with perfectly good but not very fashionable outdoor accessories might consider donating unwanted outdoor winter wear to Vermont's homeless. 

The Safe Harbor Clinic of Burlington is a community health center that provides services to less fortunate Vermonters including preparing them for harsh winters.

"Please look through your closets to see if you have a spare item that someone can use," said Waitsfield organizer Jennifer Peterson.  

"This year, due to storage issues and concerns about the well-televised problems with bed bugs, the list of items is a bit narrower than in the past," she added.

 The list of essential items being accepted is:

-Warm winter coats, ski parkas, very warm vests (preferably in larger sizes) in good condition, dry cleaned or new, limited quantities due to storage

-New long underwear

-New wool gloves, scarves, hats and socks

-In new condition cold-weather boots and hiking boots

-Hand warmers

-Water-repellent ponchos

-Lip balm

-Sample size shampoo, deodorant and hygiene items

-Shaving cream

-Disposable razors

"The Safe Harbor Clinic does not have sufficient space for items not listed. The clinic has an arrangement with the Salvation Army for clients to get everyday clothing items they need there. It is suggested that items such as pants, shirts, sweaters and anything else not listed be donated to the Salvation Army or a similar organization," Peterson added.

Call Peterson at 496-2218 or 496-9805 for information on where items can be dropped off. For more information about the Safe Harbor Clinic or its parent organization, Community Health Center of Burlington, one may contact Alison Caldera at (802) 864-6309, ext. 190.