Valley voters returned incumbent Adam Greshin (I-Warren) to the Vermont State House on Election Day, November 2.

Greshin, vying for his second term, received a total of 1,318 votes from Fayston, Waitsfield and Warren voters. His challenger, Mac Rood (D-Warren), received a total of 987 votes from the three towns.

Valley voters joined voters throughout Vermont in passing the constitutional amendment allowing 17-year-olds who will be 18 by Election Day to register to vote and vote in the primaries. In The Valley, that amendment passed 1,986 yes to 569 no. Statewide, the amendment passed 115,541 to 28,494.


Valley voters followed the rest of the state in favoring gubernatorial candidate Peter Shumlin (D) over Brian Dubie (R) by a vote of 2,117 to 1,557. Shumlin won the statewide vote with 112,171 votes to Dubie's 107,238. Dubie conceded the race at 9:15 a.m. on November 3 with 90 percent of precincts reporting in.

In the race for lieutenant governor, local voters cast 1,923 ballots for Republican Phil Scott and 1,459 ballots for Democrat Steve Howard. Scott won statewide with 108,194 votes to Howard's 94,508 votes.

In the race for Washington County Senate the top three vote-getters in The Valley mirrored the county. Incumbents Ann Cummings (D) and Bill Doyle (R) were re-elected along with Democrat Anthony Pollina.


Fayston resident Gaelan Brown ran as an Independent in that race garnering 773 votes from The Valley and 2,156 from the county.

Cummings received 1,686 local votes, Doyle received 1,712, Pollina received 1,675. Countywide Cummings received 11,877 votes, Doyle received 11,767 votes, Pollina received 10,400 votes, Donny Osman (D) received 9,846 votes, Ed Larson (R) received 7,660 votes and David Harrington (R) received 7,102 votes.


Voter turnout throughout The Valley ranged from 57 to 63 percent. Warren says 57 percent of the town's 1,477 voters (842) cast ballots. Fayston says 61 percent (632) of the town's 1,043 voters turned out on Tuesday.

In Waitsfield, the turnout was 63 percent with 896 of the town's 1,417 voters casting ballots. Turnout in Moretown was 62 percent with 842 of 1,363 registered voters casting ballots. The turnout in Duxbury was 61 percent with 637 out of 1,036 registered voters casting ballots.


Justices of the peace were elected throughout The Valley. Fayston elected Tom Bisbee, Jared Cadwell, Ann Day, Lisa Koitzsch and Rick Rayfield. In Waitsfield, Zeke Church, Andreas Lehner, Jim Leyton, Helen Myers, Jennifer Peterson, Charlie Goodman and Jon Jamieson were elected justices of the peace.

In Moretown, David Deutl, Stephen Magill, Gerald Maynard, Robert Roberts, Rube Scharges, Catherine Scribner, David Siegel and David Tremblay were elected justices of the peace.

Brenda Hartshorn, Jeff Ishan, Stephanie Koonz, Jeffery Larkin, Bonnie Morris, J. Kenneth Scott and Greg Trulson were elected justices of the peace in Duxbury.

In Warren, Susan Bauchner, Sandra Brodeur, Dorothy Kyle, Pam Lerner, Louise Messner, Jack Miner, Rebecca Peatman, Bobbi Rood and Virginia Roth were elected justices of the peace.