Verizon customers struggling to find cell service in The Valley may find that their communication vastly improves this winter as the company is currently constructing two new cell towers in Fayston.

One of the new towers—recently constructed but not yet operational—is located at the base area of Mad River Glen ski area on Route 17. For those familiar with the mountain, the tower comes out of the drive station for the Birdland lift, about 10 feet above an existing AT&T cell tower.

According to Eric Friedman, Mad River Glen’s marketing director, the company approached the ski area to ask for permission to construct the tower. “Verizon is trying to improve their cell service around here, and they saw us as a good locale for it,” Friedman said.

Verizon must really be trying, because just a couple miles away the company is preparing for construction of another cell tower on Mikhal Drive, located off of Tucker Hill Road in Fayston. According to plans, the telecommunications tower will be 90 feet tall and feature 15 antennae.

Although the town’s zoning administrator John Weir has had yet to hear whether the Vermont Public Service Board has approved the Tucker Hill project, “I saw trucks moving up the road about a week and a half ago,” he said, “so I assume that they have.”

If indeed approved, Weir does not know when the project will be completed, but “it seems like things are moving forward fairly quickly,” he said.