This year, when The Valley Players offers TenFest, the plays include both broad and subtle comedy, mystery and drama. Subjects range from overly protective parents and overly reactive security officers to a tongue-in-cheek explanation for the beginning of religion and a child's imagination come to life.

All plays run approximately 10 minutes and audiences can enjoy them all at each performance. Audience members will recognize a number of veteran TenFesters, many of whom are local to The Valley. Last year's TenFest played to full houses for every performance, so don't miss out. Reservations are encouraged.

Here are the plays of this year's TenFest, which runs August 15 through 18 at Valley Players Theater in Waitsfield:

Helicopter Parents for Hire, written by Stefan G. Lanfer and directed by Sarah McDougal, include the cast of Vince Broderick, Emma Kessler, David Ehrlich, Andra Kisler and Betty McCaffrey.

Snowed In, written by Em Frappier and directed by Dvora Zipkin, features actors Cher Laston, Amanda Menard, Gene Heinrich and Joe Laston.

My Tea with Cocoa, by Jack Ruston and directed by Cher Laston, features Susan Bauchner, Dvora Zipkin and F. Brett Cox.

Long Trips, by Richard Klovdahl and directed by Cher Laston, features actors David Ehrlich, Carl Emmons and Cynthia Seckler.

Silver Lining, by Roger Strauss and directed by Jeanne Beckwith, features actors Vince Broderick, Emily Flinn, F. Brett Cox and Amanda Menard.

Ommm, Sweet Ommm, by John Kern and directed by Henry Erickson, features Carl Emmons, Cynthia Seckler and Ed Biello.

Homeland Security, by Mimi D'Aponte and directed by Henry Erickson, includes cast members Andra Kisler, Vince Broderick and Donna Imbeninato.

Beach Combing, by Lauren Kelley and directed by Henry Erickson, includes David Ehrlich, Joe Laston and Sara Lee.

Willing, by Luc Reid, is directed by Jeanne Beckwith and features actors Lisa Spencer, Gene Heinrich and Kate O'Neill.