If you read the Harwood school lunch menu for January 29, you saw that the school cafeteria was serving The Cole Henry Bacon Burger. So, just what is The Cole Henry Bacon Burger?

Harwood Union High School was treated to a student-designed localvore lunch on January 29. The Harwood lunch was planned and organized by freshman Cole Henry, under the guidance of chefs Paul Morris and Gary McCafferty. Cole helped to secure a donation of 25 pounds of bacon through Artisan Meats of Vermont. Cole came up with a bacon and beef burger using ground bacon from Artisan Meats of Vermont and Neill Farm beef. The veg heads were treated to a vegetarian roasted aioli sandwich, again prepared by Cole.

Through the HUB Program, Cole designed this project to learn more about how to create a meal for large-scale distribution using local ingredients, while keeping the meal cost effective and within the school's budget.

"Making food for 600-plus kids was like working in a restaurant. For the most part, it went very well. Working with chefs Paul and Gary was a great experience and I learned a lot about working in a professional kitchen environment. This helped me gain experience which I will use in my future work as a chef. Making food for other people brings the pressure on because there are always different opinions about the food people eat. The feedback I received was great. The feedback I received included things like using a different hamburger bun and using more or less bacon," Cole said, reflecting on the experience.


Cole interned with Jacob and Justin Finsen, the brother-owners of Artisan Meats of Vermont. The business sources all of their pork locally, within 75 miles, and hold high standards for the humane handling of animals and animal husbandry practices for their partner farms.

The HUB Program is a learning pathway designed to give high school students the opportunity to seek a unique, interest­-based learning experience that combines academics with a community-based internship.

Students have the opportunity to explore various fields of work, identify their interests and challenge themselves in new ways. Having students explore their interests is critical in helping students understand who they are and what kinds of work and learning they would like to pursue.

For more information about the HUB Program at Harwood Union High School, contact
Heidi Turgeon-Baird and Angela Selvaggio at 802-882-1152.