Tom Young

Waitsfield grades one and two teacher Tom Young will participate in another global learning experience, the Maverick Teachers Global Summit in Kuppam, India. The NEA Foundation announced that Young, a 2013 Global Learning Fellow, was selected through a competitive process.

Over the past six years, the NEA Foundation’s Global Learning Fellowship has provided 190 educators, including Young, with a yearlong professional development opportunity to lead the profession by acquiring the necessary skills to integrate global competence into their daily classroom instruction, advance pedagogy in their schools and districts, prepare students to thrive in the flattened global age and, thus, contribute to the closing of the global achievement gap.

Young has used knowledge gained from this fellowship to change how he teaches and engages students with the wider world. He created a globally minded lesson plan that has been shared with other educators in his school and online. As part of the fellowship, Young traveled with educators from around the U.S. to Brazil, where they exchanged ideas and practices with local educators.

For many educators, the NEA Foundation’s Global Learning Fellowship is the beginning of a learning journey that continues in a variety of ways. This summer, Young joins 35 other teachers from around the world in participating in the Maverick Teachers Global Summit.

At the Summit, Young will spend July 17 through 24 with a select group of educators and experts discussing “pedagogies for the future to support education for a sustainable world,” according to host Agastya International Foundation. Agastya aims to revitalize and transform education in India and to provide an affordable model that can be replicated anywhere in the world.

Together these educators and thinkers will combine their knowledge and expertise to develop ideas that will help underprivileged students in India as well as their students back home.