The hunt continues for Warren principal

According to Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) Superintendent Brigid Nease, there is still no final decision on who will fill the Warren Elementary School principal position when school starts later this month.

Nease said that she and her administrative team were still discussing options and are set to meet next week, via email. The previous Warren Elementary School principal, Beth Peterson, gave her resignation at the end of the last school year. Peterson is expected to teach at St. Michael’s College this fall but will fill in from August 12 through 16.

“The only thing I can tell you for this week is that no final decision has been made. Since receiving the resignation from Beth Peterson, we have advertised widely for a qualified interim principal for one year until a full and thorough search can be conducted with a hiring committee. To date we have not found a qualified candidate. I have also tried to find a retired principal through the VPA to help us out without success,” Nease wrote.

Initially it was reported that Crossett Brook Middle School (CBMS) principal Tom Drake would fill the position. Nease said that the administrative team is looking to hire from within.

“It is true that we are working on a plan to cover Warren next year from within our existing team, and that does include Tom Drake from CBMS becoming the principal of record for one year on duty at the Warren School. Other veteran administrators, including myself, may also assist from time to time throughout the year,” wrote Nease.

The district has been actively advertising for a one-year assistant principal for CBMS to support Stephanie Hudak, the other co-principal at CBMS, while Drake is at Warren – if he does fill the position.

“CBMS has other staff willing to share in extra duties as well. Our administrative team as a whole is prepared to do whatever we have to ensure a successful and safe year for our Warren students and faculty. We call this our admin patchwork quilt,” wrote Nease.

The HUUSD admin team is meeting on Monday, August 12, at 2 p.m. in order to further discuss the position.