This year, the Harwood chapter of the Youth Lobby is partnering with an organization called Tree-Plenish to offset one year’s worth of school paper usage by planting trees in the community.

On April 24, 2021, volunteers will be planting trees at the homes of anyone who requests a tree. It is important to note that anyone who requests a tree who does not feel comfortable with volunteers planting the trees may choose to pick up the saplings to plant on their own, but that all volunteers will be wearing masks and social distancing and homeowners will be asked to do so as well when interacting with the volunteers.

People can also sign up to volunteer to plant trees or have them planted. Both links can be found at this website:


Trees will cost $5 each and students are offering both silver maples and Eastern redwoods.

We are passionate about student agency and affecting change in our local community and want to do our part to build a more sustainable future. We hope that this event can bring awareness to our community about our impact on the climate and help encourage the community to make positive change,” the students wrote via email.

Residents of all towns in the school district can request a tree to be planted in their yard or sign up to volunteer to plant trees on the day of the event. Homeowners can also arrange to pick up the saplings and plant them themselves if they prefer. The more homeowners that request trees, the faster the students are able to reach their goals.

Tree-Plenish is a student-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.