The following scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors who will be attending a two or four-year college.

Alchemist Opportunity Fund Scholarships: Emily Bouchard, Avery Fish, Jonathan O’Brien, Ashley Porteau.

Concept II Scholarships: Jasper Koliba and Ashley Proteau.

Dascomb P. Rowe Scholarship: Carlton Cummiskey, Ashley Proteau, Emily Bouchard, Alanya Morelli.

Father Logue Scholars Gift Award: Ashley Proteau.

Governor Phil Hoff Vermont Honors Scholarship: Hadley Kielich.

Harwood Boosters Club Scholarship: Carlton Cummiskey, Ashley Proteau, Lise Bornstein-Malter.

Service Award: Ellett Merriman and Ashley Proteau.

Mad River Valley Rotary Scholarship: Carlton Cummiskey, Aliza Jernigan, Alanya Morelli. Waitsfield School Alumni Association, Aliza Jernigan.

Washington County Retired Teachers Scholarship: Emily Bouchard.

Waterbury Grange Scholarship: Ashley Proteau.

Waterbury Rotary MacBook Air Awards: Ellett Merriman, Alany Morelli, Ashley Proteau.\

Winooski Masonic Lodge #49 Scholarship: Ashley Proteau.




The following scholarships are awarded to seniors for outstanding academics, community service and service to the school.

Allen Tinker Memorial Scholarship: Eliane Odefey.

Eunice B. Farr Scholarship: Siena Mazer.

Harwood Faculty Award: Ellett Merriman.

Harwood Award: Aliza Jernigan.

Harwood Good Citizenship Award: Tyler Silveira and Kathryn Rush.

Kathy Mackay Award: Liam Poulin.

Parker Creativity Scholarship: Gwyneth Clough.

Richard Wein Art Award: Makaylin Longe.



An award is some form of recognition (stipend, plaque, trophy, certificate) earned by a senior for specific outstanding academic, athletic or extra-curricular achievement during high school.

Harwood Scholar-Athlete Awards: Carlton   Cummiskey and Aliza Jernigan.

Harwood Athletic Outstanding Sportsmanship Awards: Hayden Adams and Kathryn Rush.

Harwood Union Coaches Unsung Hero Awards: Eamon Cassels and Lynn Russell.

John Philip Sousa Award: Avery Fish.

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Vincent Spina.

Robert F. Fielder Athletic   Award : Gavin Thomsen and Ashley Proteau.

VPA Award of Excellence: Liam Guyette and Anda Gulley.