Waitsfield Elementary School kindergarteners got a lesson in civics on September 14 when they voted on Waitsfield’s 2022 dog tag shape and color. Town clerk Jen Peterson explained the voting process and the class of 13 students (a few were absent) dropped their votes in the ballot box.



One student expressed concern that he couldn’t read and write yet, but Peterson reassured him the ballots were in pictures. Once all the ballots were placed in the box, Peterson tallied them and asked the students to help figure out which got the most votes. Peterson said the kindergarteners have fun choosing the tags and it teaches them about how elections work.


The highly-anticipated results are in: A gold pawprint won by a landslide. Purple and red were the other color options, while a bone and doghouse were other shape choices. Dog owners can expect to receive gold paw-shaped dog tags after April 1, 2022, when they register their dogs.