Twenty-one new teachers, faculty and staff members will be joining the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) this fall.

Crossett Brook Middle School (CBMS) welcomes Karen Abel as literacy interventionist, Kyle Chadburn as grades seven and eight social studies teacher, Ethan Cody as grades seven and eight language arts teacher, Hayley Fitzgerald as special education teacher, Andrea Gratton as grades seven and eight language arts teacher, Emily Morris as PE/health teacher, Sarah Pulaski as literacy interventionist, Henry Shepley as grades seven and eight science teacher and Jennifer Wheaton as grades seven and eight math teacher. Fayston Elementary School welcomes Erin Affronti as special education teacher, Kimberly Hall as speech language pathologist and Matthew Pedersen as guidance counselor. Harwood Union Middle and High School welcomes Stephen Annino as special education teacher, Alison Crocker as science teacher, Christina Ehrenreich as social worker, Andrea Knepper as grade eight math teacher and Randy Sweeney as guidance counselor. Moretown Elementary School welcomes Sarah Thompson as grade one and two teacher. Waitsfield Elementary School welcomes Torrey Smith as grades five and six teacher and Madeleine Olson as grades three and four teacher. Warren School welcomes Drew Adamczyk as grades five and six teacher.

The Valley Reporter has reached out to all new HUUSD teachers, faculty and staff members and will print the bios of those who respond in the coming weeks.

The 2022-2023 HUUSD school year begins August 29.

Drew Adamczyk, Warren

Drew Adamczyk smDrew Adamczyk is the incoming upper unit humanities teacher at Warren School. A Vermont transplant as a teenager, he attended Colchester High School and went on to the University of Vermont, graduating in 2019 with a degree in history and speech/debate. Before teaching, Adamczyk worked in the service industry doing everything from washing dishes to managing teams of dozens as an executive chef in the Burlington area. After teaching at Burlington High School, Adamczyk was a long-term fifth- and sixth-grade substitute at the Shelburne Community School and developed a real passion for working with students at the middle level. When he’s not teaching, he can be found reading, playing guitar, or lounging at home with a good book and a cat. He’s eager to take back up winter sports and is looking forward to learning to ski after snowboarding for years. A passionate reader with an insatiable appetite for learning about all the complexities of human nature and history, Adamczyk is excited to be starting at Warren School this fall.



Erin Affronti, FES

Erin AffrontiErin Affronti is the new special educator at Fayston Elementary School. She grew up in New York and received her bachelor’s degree at UVM. In 2009, she and her partner moved to Massachusetts. There she worked in the public school system for eight years and got her master’s degree in special education. They moved to Vermont in 2017 and she worked as a special educator/behavioral specialist with Brookside Elementary for three years. “I’m excited to be a part of and contribute to the FES community,” Affronti said. “In addition, prior to receiving my position with Fayston Elementary School, I was able to further my career as an Orton-Gillingham instructor for the Stern Center for Language and Learning for two years. When I'm not teaching, I love spending time with my partner Garrett and our two dogs, Magellan (Jelly) and Roald (Rollie). I am dedicated to empowering students to take ownership of their learning as they set out to reach the goals ahead of them. I value the opportunity to guide students as they develop and strengthen the skills and strategies they need to achieve these goals.”